TradeTechAI is an unique artificial intelligence platform that combines all the tools traders would want to have.

AI Technology, Machine Learning, Earning Algorithms, Market Forecasts, Notification Service

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What is TTAI Token?

TradeTech AI is a project that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create a quality trading experience in the crypto industry. Built on the foundations of trust, stability and earnings, the platform enables investors to leverage the latest AI technologies to make informed trading decisions and optimize their portfolios.

Using machine learning algorithms on historical data, TradeTech AI analyzes the real-time data flow and makes predictions about the direction of the markets and gives output on how to turn these predictions into opportunities. These outputs are presented to investors, helping them to trade smarter and optimize their portfolios.

In addition to its machine learning and AI capabilities, TradeTech AI enables traders to use the earnings algorithms of the platform. Earning algorithms developed by TradeTech AI offer great opportunities for investors who do not want to waste time trading and risk their portfolio.

To summarize, TradeTech AI offers traders who want to trade in crypto markets a very comfortable experience thanks to AI algorithms. With TradeTech AI, investors will be able to find all the tools necessary to reach their financial goals on a single platform.



TTAI-3 Algorithm Performance

TTAI-2 Algorithm Performance

TTAI-1 Algorithm Performance

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In the second quarter of 2023, after the CEX is listed and the locked tokens are unlocked, a stake pool will be created and rewards will be distributed. Our stake pools will serve you with high APY.

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Our Strategy

The Roadmap

2022 Q2
First Preparation

Project concept preparation, Website preparation, AI Trading Robot Development (TTAI-1)

2022 Q3
Launch AI

TTAI-1 starts trading, AI Trading Robot Development (TTAI-2)

2022 Q4
Robots Development

TTAI-2 starts trading, AI Trading Robot Development (TTAI-3)

2023 Q1
Listing & Presale

Design of the Website, Audit & KYC, Marketing campaign, Pinksale Fair Launch, Listing on Pancakeswap

2023 Q2
Cex List & Buybacks

Global Marketing Campaign, CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listing, AI Trading Robot Development (New), Listing on CEX, Start of Buybacks with AI Robots Profits

2023 Q3
More Development

New AI Robot starts trading, App Development, Social media ads campaign, Viral twitter marketing campaign

2023 Q4
More Partners & Development

App Development, Second CEX listing, More Partners and Developers, General Evaluation and Reporting

2024 Q1
Integrations & App Release

DEX Integration of AI Robots, App Release, Expanding Ecosystem, Ongoing Marketing Activities

2024 Q2
Upgrade Project

Top 5 CEX Listing, App & DEX Integration, Check & Upgrade AI Robots

2024 Q3
Use Of The App

Expanding the Use of the App, Sponsorship & Partnership Worldwide, Ongoing Marketing Activities

2024 Q4
Completion of Developments

Full Release of the All Projects, General Evaluation and Reporting, Publication of the New Roadmap

Our Strategy

The Tokenomics

Presale & Liquidity


Locked on pinksale


Locked on pinksale


Locked on pinksale

CEX Listing

Locked on pinksale


Locked on pinksale

TTAI Token

Token Information

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